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{Fasmidi} phasmid eggs - offer for August
08-04-2015, 12:55 AM
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phasmid eggs - offer for August
Phasmid Eggs - offer August 2015

eggs of newly or rarely cultured phasmid species:

·..Asceles sp. "Koh Chang".... (colorful, agile and winged species)
·..Asprenas sp. "apterous, Koghi".... (medium sized, spiny species, from New Caledonia)
·..Calvisia sp. "Dong Nai".... (very colorful species, difficult to breed)
·..Carlius fecundus "Farino".... (interesting species, from New Caledonia)
·..Epidares nolimetangere "Santubong".... (nicely colored variation, with Y-spines)
·..Eurycnema versirubra "Timor".... (huge, up to 27 cm, colorful, with males)
·..Extatosoma tiaratum "Innisfail"....(new, pure culture)
·..Megacrania phelaus "Kwara'ae"....(colorful, food specialists)
·..Paramenexenus laetus "Tay Yen Tu"....(colorful, new culture stock)
·..Phyllium bioculatum "Sukabumi"
·..Phyllium jacobsoni "Halimun"....(new culture stock !)
·..Phyllium giganteum "Tapah"
·..Phyllium sp. "Bidoup Nui Ba".... (new species, first time offered)
·..Phyllium sp. "Tapah"....(new species, first time offered)
·..Prosentoria sp. "Bidoup Nui Ba".... (slender, big species, easy on bramble)

>..informations  (prices, links to care sheets and photos) on all available phasmid species
>..more species will be added to this list during the year, as they become available ...

Bruno Kneubuehler   (Switzerland)
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Questa discussione è chiusa  

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